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We handle all of your shipping & receiving needs.  Whether shipping a couch or a pencil, we have you covered. Our expert packaging staff can handle those delicate and odd shaped items.  If you want to do it yourself we have several different sizes of boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, and kraft paper for sale by the foot for your convenience.
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Visiting the area or coming through the Falls to go fishing or hunting in Canada? Don't pay the airlines big money for extra bags, ship them to Border Boxes for us to hold them for your arrival! We charge a nominal fee of $10 per package to receive and hold the item, have convenient hours, offer return shipping, and you can see the border crossing right from the back of our store! We receive all carriers that deliver to the area, including USPS, UPS, FED-EX, SPEE-DEE, and various LTL carriers!

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