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Below you will find some of the online tools we have for shipping. Here is where you can track your package by clicking on the appropriate logo, 


To track your package, simply click on the logo below of the carrier that you shipped it with and enter the tracking number.




In 1907 there was a great need in America for private messenger and delivery services. To help meet this need, an enterprising 19-year-old, James E. (“Jim”) Casey, borrowed $100 from a friend and established the American Messenger Company in Seattle, Washington. According to accounts given by Jim there were quite a few messenger services already in the Seattle area, some of which he had worked for in the past.
Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. Today, UPS is a global company with one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world. We have become the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Every day, we manage the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

UPS offers ground and express services worldwide. Most of the ground services in the continental United States will arrive at their destination in 4 days or less. UPS does not deliver ground packages on Saturday, wheras Fed-Ex Ground Home Delivery does in areas designated for that service. All packages shipped with UPS carry an automatic $100 worth of insurance and tracking for no additional charge. When packaging a shipment for any of the carriers, especially UPS with their stringant packaging guidelines, please carefully note the packaging recommendations below to ensure claim payment in the case of damage or let BorderBoxes package the item for you.

To read more about UPS, go to



Federal Express was so-named due to the patriotic meaning associated with the word "Federal," which suggested an interest in nationwide economic activity. At that time, Smith hoped to obtain a contract with the Federal Reserve Bank and, although the proposal was denied, he believed the name was a particularly good one for attracting public attention and maintaining name recognition.

Throughout its history, FedEx has been a leader in the transportation and information industry. Collectively, the FedEx companies' historical milestones demonstrate the foresight and leadership of the trusted FedEx brand — and span nearly a century, ranging from the founding of C.J. Tower & Sons (now FedEx Trade Networks) to the formation of today's FedEx. The Fed-Ex Corporation includes Fed-Ex Ground, Fed-Ex Express, and Fed-Ex Freight.

Fed-Ex also offers ground and express worldwide. Most of the ground services in the continental United States will arrive at their destination in 4 days or less, and Fed-Ex Home Delivery delivers ground packages on Saturday in areas they designate for Home Delivery. All packages shipped with Fed-Ex carry an automatic $100 worth of insurance and tracking for no additional charge. When packaging a shipment for any of the carriers please carefully note the packaging recommendations below to ensure claim payment in the case of damage or let BorderBoxes package the item for you.

To read more about FED-EX, go to



Like many successful businesses, Spee-Dee started small—very small. Spee-Dee was founded in 1978 by Donald Weeres, an ambitious 35-year-old farm boy from Richmond, Minnesota. Spee-Dee began as an on-call courier service with Donald using his pickup truck to deliver packages to local businesses. His vision was to build an alternative overnight delivery service that offered customers better services at a lower price than the competition.
The philosophy of delivering better overnight service at a lower price still stands at Spee-Dee nearly 34 years later. It has gotten us to where we are today. Since our humble beginnings, we have grown into a company of 1,600 employees strong, and we now operate over 1,200 pieces of equipment to deliver your important packages daily.

Spee-Dee delivery is a a very strong competitor in the areas they service. Spee-Dees services Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, and parts of Nebraska. The offer only ground service but most packages shipped will be delivered the next business day within the quad state area. All packages shipped with Spee-Dee carry an automatic $100 worth of insurance and tracking for no additional charge. When packaging a shipment with any of the carriers please carefully note the packaging recommendations below to ensure claim payment in the case of damage or let BorderBoxes package the item for you.

To read more about SPEE-DEE, go to


USPS (United States Postal Service)

In the more than two centuries since Benjamin Franklin was appointed our first Postmaster General in 1775, the Postal Service™ has grown and changed with America, boldly embracing new technologies to better serve a growing population. The history of the United States Postal Service is rooted in a single, great principle: that every person in the United States – no matter who, no matter where – has the right to equal access to secure, efficient, and affordable mail service.

Since 1775, when the Second Continental Congress called for “a line of posts . . . from Falmouth in New England to Savannah in Georgia,” the United States Postal Service has delivered for America, reaching further as the nation has grown and moving faster as technology has developed.

The United States Postal Service is a very strong shipping competitor for light packages and international shipments. They offer domestic and international services worldwide, with many different mail classes. Historically, USPS is the slower of the big carriers for package shipments, but on packages under 5 pounds and especially international shipments, they offer very reasonable rates. USPS does not offer automatic insurance with any of their shipments, but we offer 3rd party insurance for your USPS insured shipment needs. A feature of shipping your USPS packages with BorderBoxes is that we also offer tracking at no additional charge, something your local post office does not give you. When packaging a shipment with any of the carriers please carefully not the packaging recommendations below to ensure claim payment in the case of damage or let BorderBoxes package the item for you.

To read more about USPS, go to


We know you have a ton of options for shipping your packages. So why choose BorderBoxes you ask? We're convinced that once you find out all of the benefits to using BorderBoxes for your shipping needs, we will be the last place you ever ship a package.

  •  Competitive Rates

We charge counter rates for UPS, FED-EX, & SPEE-DEE which means you pay the same price through us as you would an actual UPS Store, FED-EX Retail Chain, or SPEE-DEE Retail Counter. For USPS we charge a minimal percentage increase while also giving you free tracking, something the Post Office doesn't offer.

  •  First Class Service

We see your shipment through from the time you bring it in the store until the time we know it has been delivered safely. In the event of loss or damage, we handle all aspects of the complicated claims process, and have a 99% success rate in getting claims we file approved. Our 3rd party insurer for you USPS Insured Shipments is second to none, which means there is no dealing with the post office in the event the shipment is lost or damaged, we handle that for you.

  •  Multiple Options

BorderBoxes offers shipping services from every carrier that delivers or picks up in International Falls. Included are UPS, FED-EX, SPEE-DEE, USPS, as well as all of the major truck freight companys. We can ship packages weighing up to 150 pounds overnight all across the globe, and we can ship pallets and LTL weighing up to 2,500 pounds all across the country. We don't send packages without tracking, and don't charge you for that tracking. We can insure most shipments for up to $50,000, so there is nothing to fear when shipping with us. Whether you are shipping a toothpick or an engine block, you don't have to go any further than BorderBoxes to handle your shipping needs.

  •  Full Service Packaging & Packaging Supplies

We realize the hassle of packaging. Finding the right box, trying to decide how to package the item for safe arrival to its destination, the time it takes to accomplish all of this, and trying to keep those packaging peanuts in the box and not on the kitchen floor....Rest assured you will not have to chase the dog around the house trying to get the packing peanuts out of his mouth or cruise by the local grocery store late at night to find the right box anymore if you let us handle your packaging needs for you. We carry over 50 new sturdy shipping boxes and envelopes on hand and have tons of used boxes to fit that set of moose antlers that the husband just "had to have". We also carry tons of different sizes of bubble wraps, foam on roll, air bags, kraft paper, packaging peanuts, stay flat & bubble envelopes and mailers, poly mailers, and of course high strenth packaging tape. You can bring in the raw item and drop it off if you are on a time crunch, and our expert packaging staff will take the time to package the item professionally and safely. We can then call you or you can stop by the store at your convenience and pay us for packaging and shipping the item. Still want to package the item yourself? No problem! Check out our Products & Services tab above for our full inventory of packaging supplies with pricing.


​When packaging any item for shipment, keep in mind that with any of the carriers these are companies that move millions of boxes a day. They are able to deliver these packages in a timely fashion because of logistics, machines, and of course a large workforce. UPS and FED-EX specifically state that they do not direct their staff to pay any special attention to any markings on a box, specifically "fragile", "handle with care", "high value", "this side up", "glass", and the like. While most of the staff is good about trying to pay attention to these markings, they are on a strict timeline for deliveries and are not required to do so by the company. Please package your items with these things in mind as many of the packages will not receive special care. Take your time and find the right materials to package your item accordingly. We offer any of the materials you may need for packaging as well as offer full service packaging. For items needing to be shipped upright, use creative packaging so that the item you want to be upright will stay upright due to the packaging and not the handling, as with anything fragile. The carriers links below offer tremendous insight on how to package your item safely so that it is delivered without damage. A few packaging pointers are included below, please keep in mind that these are general in nature and your best resource for packaging guidelines are at the carriers website links also listed below.


  •  Always try to use a new box or a used box that is in "like new" condition.
  •  Always try to keep the box size to a minimum to avoid oversize charges and excessive packaging.
  •  Never overload the box or use a box that is lightweight or not rated for the capacity you are trying put in it - if you put the item in the box and the bottom of the box is sagging or while lifting the box from the edges the edges are folding in, find a stronger box. You may use the capacity rating listed on the bottom of the box as a reference, but if the conditions listed above still exist, find a stronger box. Even if the box will make it to the store to ship it, will it make it the long-distance trip to its destination surviving multiple trucks, converyors, and handling?
  •  Use appropriate packaging materials to keep the contents in the box tight and snug. For fragile items such as glass, use buuble wrap and pad the item with at least 2" around all sides. Packaging peanuts work well to fill the void you have in the box, just be sure to encase all sides of the wrapped item with the peanuts and push them down by hand as you go as they will settle in transit. Packaging peanuts ARE NOT recommended for use when shipping electronic items. Foam and bubble wrap works the best for electronics, just be sure to have at least 2" of either material around all sides. Kraft paper is best left for items that are not fragile but where you need to fill a void, is reasonably priced, and works well for that purpose.
  •  Bag small items that you don't want to have lost in the packaging, and any items that are liquid to contain a spill in the case of an accident. Try not to ship liquid products when possible. If your shipping a jug of mouthwash with your clothes for the winter, don't take the chance of ruining your clothes or other valubles for a $2 bottle of mouthwash.
  •  If utilizing a used box, be sure to remove all old shipping labels. Product labels and UPC codes are ok, but all of the shipping labels on the box must be removed, covered, or marked out thoroughly with a black permanent marker.
  •  Enclose an extra address label or notecard within any shipment whenever possible. In the unlikely event that the shipping label comes off of the package, you want carrier to be able to determine where to bring the package.
  •  Use packaging or shipping tape to seal your box. Try not to use masking tape, electrical tape, or duct tape as they generally do not stick to cardboard very well. Remember that you can't over-do it with tape, the more the better. Use at least 3 strips sealing the box flaps on the top and bottom of the box. We generally use 4 strips in an "H" pattern in the store for typical packages, but use significantly more in the same pattern for heavy packages or packages with extra long dimensions in any way. The "H" pattern first uses one strip down the middle of the two flaps of the box, one strip on each edge of the box that crosses over the first strip, and another strip directly down the middle of the two flaps again as in the first step. We have not had any problems with box closure while using this method.
  •  High Value Items ($500 and up), fragile items, electronics, arts and crafts, heavy items, and metal items should really be double-boxed using the same methods indicated above, but then by finding another larger box to enclose the first box in while also filling the voids between the two with the appropriate packaging materials.

For more information regarding packaging your item, please refer to the following websites. The carriers have step by step guides depending on the type of product or item you are shipping, and if used correctly, you should not have a problem getting your shipment to its destination unscathed. Click on the links below to check out the carriers tools and guidelines for packaging.





Listed below are the maximum dimensions and weights ​that the respective carriers allow you to ship. Please note that depending on the carrier you choose and the dimensions of the box, oversize charges may apply and are dependant on too many factors to list here. Call us if you are unsure if the package is considered oversized, and please have the destination zip code and the dimensions of the box and weight. If you have an item larger than the dimensions listed or heavier than the allowed weights, we can still ship the item for you but it will need to be sent with an LTL carrier. Please see the next heading for information on our LTL shipping services. With LTL, we can ship up to 2,500 LBS and items that are very long, wide, or tall, with limited exceptions on dimensions.


  • Packages can be up to 150 pounds

  •  Packages can be up to 165" in length and girth combined (Length + 2x Width + 2x Height = Total)

  •  Packages can be a maximum of 108" Long


  •  Packages can be up to 150 pounds

  •  Packages can be up to 165" in length and girth combined (Length + 2x Width + 2x Height = Total)

  •  Packages can be a maximum of 108" Long


  •  Packages can be up to 150 pounds

  •  Packages can be up to 165" in length and girth combined (Lenth + 2x Width + 2x Height = Total)

  •  Packages can be a maximum of 119" Long


  •  Packages can be up to 150 pounds

  •  Packages can be up to 170" in length and girth combined (Length + 2x Width + 2x Height = Total)

  •  Packages can be a maximum of 120" Long


  •  Packages can be up to 70 pounds

  •  Packages can be up to 108" in length and girth combined (Length + 2x Width + 2x Height = Total)

  •  USPS does not specify a maximum length for packages provided they fall within the guidelines above



​LTL (Less than Truckload) SHIPPING SERVICES

Have something you need to ship that is too big for UPS, FED-EX, or SPEE-DEE? No Problem! We can ship up to 2,500 pounds with our LTL carriers and can palletize or crate the shipment for you, all at incredibly reasonable rates. We utilize all of the truck freight carriers that service the International Falls area, and use quotes from all of them to insure you get the best price on the shipment. Tracking is included with all shipments, and there are very limited dimension restraints with most of the trucking companies so chances are you can ship that 25' awning to anywhere in the continental US if need be. We handle all of the paperwork and forms and see the shipment through from beginning to end. We can ship the freight to both Residential and Commercial addresses, and offer liftgate and inside delivery options for your consignee's covenience. Can't get the freight up to our store to ship it out? No Problem! We can arrange for the LTL Carrier to pick up the items at your location and can meet them there if necessary to ensure the shipment receives the attention it deserves if you can't get out of  other obligations you may have for the day, making a once time consuming and complicated shipping method the ultimate in easy. For an LTL Shipping Quote, feel free to email us or call us using the Contact Us tab above, or print the LTL Quote Form below and fax or email it to us for the most accurate quote. Please know the approximate weight, dimensions of the item(s) or pallet you are planning to ship, the zip code to where the shipment is going, and whether the shipment will be going to a business with a dock or forklift or a residence.



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